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Adverse Possession: A Suspense Novel

Adverse Possession: A Christian Suspense Novel

Format: Paperback and e-Book
Genre: Christian Suspense 
Publication Date: October 1, 2013
Categories: Christian fiction, Christian suspense  
Pages: 260 
Language: English  
ISBN 13: 9780988380936
Retail Price: $9.95 Paperback/ $3.99 e-Book

Ripped from today’s headlines, Adverse Possession is a compelling novel about a Christian family that is tested to the limits of their faith when their beloved and hard-earned home is suddenly invaded by squatters. The fight to get their home back exposes them to the hard realities of the legal system in America. It tests their marriage when Jesse becomes determined to stop at nothing to get their home and their lives back, including engaging in a risky effort to uncover a mysterious organization that may be at the center of the squatters’ efforts. Their ordeal causes them to face the reality that their sound faith in Christ may not be as sound as they thought. Will they be torn to shreds before they realize what really matters?

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