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Godslaughter: a Suspense Novel
Godslaughter: A Christian Suspense Novel

This Christian suspense novel is a fictional allegory of what the author believes is a spiritual battle to destroy Christianity and Godly, biblical heritage in America.

Celia Rayburn, trying desperately to find a job to support herself and her husband, leaves a job interview in downtown Washington, D.C. only to witness an attempted assassination of a minister at a rally on Freedom Plaza. Although there are dozens of witnesses, she is questioned on camera by an inexperienced television reporter. Believing that her brief camera time would give her five minutes of fame, she tunes in, only to find no mention of the event on the news.

Later that night, her husband is murdered. The assailant, a mysterious tall man, also goes after her. With the help of a police detective, she goes into hiding. Initially, she thinks that her pursuer wants her because of something her husband was doing. However, as the police delve further into the case, it becomes apparent that the tall man pursuing her wants her because of something connected to the Freedom Plaza assassination. But no one seems to know what it is.

No one, that is, except for the minister, who is keenly aware that Celia is caught up in a plot that is much bigger and much more dangerous than anyone realizes.

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Adverse Possession: A Suspense Novel
Adverse Possession: A Christian Suspense Novel

Ripped from today’s headlines, Adverse Possession is a compelling novel about a Christian family that is tested to the limits of their faith when their beloved and hard-earned home is suddenly invaded by squatters. The fight to get their home back exposes them to the hard realities of the legal system in America. It tests their marriage when Jesse becomes determined to stop at nothing to get their home and their lives back, including engaging in a risky effort to uncover a mysterious organization that may be at the center of the squatters’ efforts. Their ordeal causes them to face the reality that their sound faith in Christ may not be as sound as they thought. Will they be torn to shreds before they realize what really matters?

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The Beauty of Summer: A Romance Novel
The Beauty of Summer: a Christian Romance Novel

At the tender age of five, Summer Maldonado emigrated from her hometown of Rio de Janeiro to her aunt's Atlanta home, after her American-born mother suffered abuse at the hands of Summer's father. Now in her mid-thirties, Summer is happy, successful, gorgeous, and is dating Xavier, an executive with a city utility company. Xavier is the man of her dreams, but she cannot bring herself to marry him because of memories of her father's abuse in Brazil. She is a Christian, and a virgin, and committed to remaining that way until marriage, which frustrates Xavier even more. Xavier eventually breaks up with her in a contentious encounter in an upscale restaurant and starts dating her sexy co-worker. Summer's anger and distress at being jilted cause her to make several bad decisions, and her almost perfect life spirals quickly out of control.

Thinking that Xavier is the key to getting her perfect life back, she abandons her faith and embarks on an effort to get her man back and reclaim the love she knew. And that just makes things worse.

Will Summer find true love amidst turmoil? Or is she destined for destruction and ruin at the hands of those she once thought were her friends? This romance novel from Christian fiction author Louis Jones will take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride as it examines the subject of intimacy and what's most important in a romantic relationship.The-Beauty-of-Summer/

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No Longer a Daddy's Girl: A Short Story
No Longer a Daddy's Girl: a Christian Short Story

A father feels deep regret after his only daughter moves out following an argument. But he refuses to seek her out, even though, unbeknownst to him, his daughter is in more danger than he thought.

Interwoven throughout this faith-based short story are themes of forgiveness, parenthood, and the virtues of being obedient to God despite the odds.
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Wallflowers in the Kingdom: A Vindication of Christian Introverts
 Wallflowers in the Kingdom: A Vindication of Christian Introverts

Experiences of introverted Christian author reflected in new non-fiction book.

In January 2011, author Louis Jones began to wonder why his attempts to be more outgoing were met with failure and frustration. It was at this time that he discovered in prayer that God did not make him to be that way. God made him to be quiet, contemplative, and oriented to time alone. This revelation resulted in the book Wallflowers in the Kingdom. The book details his experiences as a Christian introvert in his childhood and adult life, and draws upon those experiences to make the case that introverts are created that way by God and are important in the functioning of the Kingdom of God. The book embarks upon an examination of Scriptures that support the lifestyle of the Christian introvert, and calls upon extroverts and introverts to better understand one another in order to foster harmony in the church.

Wallflowers in the Kingdom is yet another resounding voice in a Godly chorus designed to bring more light and vindication to the lifestyle of the introvert in the modern-day church.

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The Colors Will Change: A Suspense Novel
The Colors Will Change: A Suspense Novel

A struggle is often the escort of a dream.

The story begins in pre-earthquake Haiti. Haitian-born Carline Lissade, having lost her entire family and her faith in Christ, decides to fend for herself by becoming a prostitute at a run-down hotel in Port-Au-Prince. Her first customer is more than what he seems, and she literally has to flee for her life. Settling in at a guest house run by a compassionate caretaker, she meets an up-and-coming Christian senator who has traveled to Haiti to meet with the government about a trade agreement. The senator, who is estranged from his wife, becomes smitten with Carline and offers to help her by arranging for her to immigrate to the United States. Carline believes that a move to the States may keep her out of danger, but she finds that she could not outrun the problems that plagued her in Haiti. On the road to discovering who she is and what God wants to do with her, Carline must get accustomed to a new country, deal with a jealous senator’s wife, and reconnect with an old friend with challenges of his own. She is forced to make decisions that could result in joy and happiness, or could bring her life to an abrupt and tragic end.

The Colors Will Change will take you on Carline’s suspenseful journey for contentment, family, and renewed faith, and will keep you enthralled until the very last page.

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Prodigal in the City: A Suspense Novel
Prodigal in the City: A Suspense Novel

James Whitaker is far from being the perfect Christian. Having abandoned his faith during his teen years and spent several years in prison, he returns home to Washington, D.C., yeaProdigal-in-the-City/rning only to spend time with his devout, long-suffering mother. However, his plans for a perfect homecoming are thwarted when he is attacked shortly after release, and then targeted by a distraught father bent on revenge for the disappearance of his young daughter. These events threaten not only to destroy his life, but the lives of his family, his friends, and the pastor and first lady of a D.C. mega church. Along the way he is assisted by a young social worker whose efforts to help James only exacerbate her own struggles and yearning for companionship.

Could these events have something to do with a prophecy he received as a child? Or are they the natural repercussions of a fateful decision made several years ago? In this Christian fiction novel set in the gritty urban environs of the nation’s capital, drama, suspense and romance come together to create a compelling and realistic story that illustrates the unwavering faithfulness of God and the virtues of perseverance.

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I Need a J-O-B! The Ex-Offender's Job Search Manual
I Need a J-O-B! The Ex-Offender's Job Search Manual

Studies have shown that getting an ex-offender a steady job reduces the likelihood that the ex-offender will return to prison. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done, as ex-offenders often have many roadblocks that make it difficult for even the most diligent and earnest job seekers to find a job.

However, the ex-offender who reads and studies this manual will receive practical information that will help increase the odds of finding employment. Information about beating frustration, organizing for a job search, and even where to look for available positions will help the ex-offender overcome the obstacles to steady employment.

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Help! My Loved One is in Prison
 Help! My Loved One is in Prison

There are over 2 million American citizens incarcerated in this country. Many of those people have family members or other loved ones on the outside. All of them have been adversely affected by the incarcerated of the loved ones to various degrees And those loved ones can be a tremendous help and resource for the offender when he/she finally gets out of prison. But in many cases, the loved one on the outside has no clue what to do to help their incarcerated loved one. Programs seem to be scarce. Many people asked for help turn in the other direction. Oftentimes the person searching for help finds himself or herself just as lost as the person inside the walls.

This new manual addresses that experience. This publication is for anyone who is affected by the incarceration, either past or present, of a loved one and wants to do something to help.

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Equipping Your Church to Minister to Ex-Offenders
 Equipping Your Church to Minister to Ex-Offenders

Prison ministry does not end at the prison gates. In any area of the country where there is a prison or a jail, or where ex-offenders reside, there is a need to help incarcerated men and women make a successful transition from prison to society.

This 104-page manual gives practical, Biblically-based instructions on starting such a ministry, whether through the local church, or as a separate ministry working with the local church. 

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