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Godslaughter, a new Christian suspense novel by Louis N Jones

For this couple, the American dream just turned into a nightmare....

Adverse Possession, a Christian suspense novel by Louis N. Jones

Imagine that you are returning from a long trip. After the weariness of your journey, you look forward to relaxing and spending time with your family in your dream house.

Suddenly, while still on the road, you get a harrowing call from a neighbor. Your house has been broken into. And the intruders are still in the house. What would you do? Would you call the police?

In the case of Jesse and Jennifer Kane, the police can do nothing. The squatters seem to have the law on their side, and they have no intention of leaving the house. And they would do anything to stay.

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Read two chapters from Godslaughter,
a suspense novel

Godslaughter Novel

This Christian suspense novel is a fictional allegory of what the author believes is a spiritual battle to destroy Christianity and Godly, biblical heritage in America.

Celia Rayburn, trying desperately to find a job to support herself and her husband, leaves a job interview in downtown Washington, D.C. only to witness an attempted assassination of a minister at a rally on Freedom Plaza. Although there are dozens of witnesses, she is questioned on camera by an inexperienced television reporter. Believing that her brief camera time would give her five minutes of fame, she tunes in, only to find no mention of the event on the news.

Later that night, her husband is murdered. The assailant, a mysterious tall man, also goes after her.
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