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Wallflowers in the Kingdom: Being an Introvert in the Body of Christ

Wallflowers in the Kingdom

Format: Paperback, eBook
Genre: Non-Fiction
Categories: Christian Social Issues, Christian Living/Self-Help
Pages: 176 (approx) 
ISBN 13: 978-0988380929
Retail Price: $9.95

Experiences of introverted Christian author reflected in non-fiction book.

Author Louis Jones began to wonder why his attempts to be more outgoing were met with failure and frustration. It was at this time that he discovered in prayer that God did not make him to be that way. God made him to be quiet, contemplative, and oriented to time alone. This revelation resulted in the book Wallflowers in the Kingdom. The book details his experiences as a Christian introvert in his childhood and adult life, and draws upon those experiences to make the case that introverts are created that way by God and are important in the functioning of the Kingdom of God. The book embarks upon an examination of Scriptures that support the lifestyle of the Christian introvert, and calls upon extroverts and introverts to better understand one another in order to foster harmony in the church.

Wallflowers in the Kingdom is yet another resounding voice in a Godly chorus designed to bring more light and vindication to the lifestyle of the introvert in the modern-day church.

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