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The Beauty of Summer: A Christian Romance Novel

The Beauty of Summer: A Christian Romance Novel

Format: eBook
Genre: Christian Romance, urban
Categories: Christian fiction, Christian Romance
Pages: 340 (approx) 
ISBN 13: 978-0-9903979-2-2
Retail Price: $3.99

At the tender age of five, Summer Maldonado emigrated from her hometown of Rio de Janeiro to her aunt's Atlanta home, after her American-born mother suffered abuse at the hands of Summer's father. Now in her mid-thirties, Summer is happy, successful, gorgeous, and is dating Xavier, an executive with a city utility company. Xavier is the man of her dreams, but she cannot bring herself to marry him because of memories of her father's abuse in Brazil. She is a Christian, and a virgin, and committed to remaining that way until marriage, which frustrates Xavier even more. Xavier eventually breaks up with her in a contentious encounter in an upscale restaurant and starts dating her sexy co-worker. Summer's anger and distress at being jilted cause her to make several bad decisions, and her almost perfect life spirals quickly out of control.

Thinking that Xavier is the key to getting her perfect life back, she abandons her faith and embarks on an effort to get her man back and reclaim the love she knew. And that just makes things worse.

Will Summer find true love amidst turmoil? Or is she destined for destruction and ruin at the hands of those she once thought were her friends? This romance novel from Christian fiction author Louis Jones will take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride as it examines the subject of intimacy and what's most important in a romantic relationship.

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