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The Colors Will Change, a Christian Suspense Novel
Format: eBook
Genre: Christian Suspense
Categories: Christian, Fiction, Suspense
Pages: 242 (approx) 
ISBN 13: 978-0-9656625-5-0

A struggle is often the escort of a dream.

The story begins in pre-earthquake Haiti. Haitian-born Carline Lissade, having lost her entire family and her faith in Christ, decides to fend for herself by becoming a prostitute at a run-down hotel in Port-Au-Prince. Her first customer is more than what he seems, and she literally has to flee for her life. Settling in at a guest house run by a compassionate caretaker, she meets an up-and-coming Christian senator who has traveled to Haiti to meet with the government about a trade agreement. The senator, who is estranged from his wife, becomes smitten with Carline and offers to help her by arranging for her to immigrate to the United States. Carline believes that a move to the States may keep her out of danger, but she finds that she could not outrun the problems that plagued her in Haiti. On the road to discovering who she is and what God wants to do with her, Carline must get accustomed to a new country, deal with a jealous senator’s wife, and reconnect with an old friend with challenges of his own. She is forced to make decisions that could result in joy and happiness, or could bring her life to an abrupt and tragic end.

The Colors Will Change will take you on Carline’s suspenseful journey for contentment, family, and renewed faith, and will keep you enthralled until the very last page.

The Colors Will Change: A Christian Suspense Novel

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