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I Need A J-O-B! the Ex-Offenders Job Search Manual
Format: Paperback
Genre: Christian Living/Self-Help 
Categories: Self-Help/Ex-Offenders  
Pages: 84 (approx) 
ISBN 13: 978-0-9656625-2-9
Retail Price: $9.95

Studies have shown that getting an ex-offender a steady job reduces the likelihood that the ex-offender will return to prison. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done, as ex-offenders often have many roadblocks that make it difficult for even the most diligent and earnest job seekers to find a job.

However, the ex-offender who reads and studies this manual will receive practical information that will help increase the odds of finding employment. Information about beating frustration, organizing for a job search, and even where to look for available positions will help the ex-offender overcome the obstacles to steady employment

I Need a J-O-B! The Ex-Offender's Job Search Manual

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