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Hi! Thank you for visiting my website. This writing experience started as far back as I can remember. In elementary school, I made books out of construction paper, crayons and staples, and wrote illustrated stories within the pages. As I grew into my teens, I wrote stories and shared them with friends in my Washington, D.C. neighborhood. I have always enjoyed writing. I believe it is more than a talent. It is a calling that God has placed on my life to encourage, enlighten and uplift the reader. It is a calling I do not take lightly. If you would like to connect with me to hear about upcoming projects, special offers, or to share with me your comments, your prayer requests, etc., join my mailing list, or connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Wordpress. Let's be friends!

Professional Bio:
Louis N Jones, a seasoned author, playwright and journalist, has been cultivating his writing talents since he was 5 years old. In grade school, he wrote a short story called, “The Silly Crayon,” which was selected to be read on a radio program in the D.C. area. While in high school, a Christian monthly magazine published his article entitled, “A Night with the Homeless,” chronicling a cold night he spent in an abandoned S.E. Washington apartment building with several homeless men. He would then spent the next few years writing a novel and a few short stories, neither of which was published. He would also expand his writing talents by writing church plays.

In 2000, he was appointed as assistant pastor of Christian Conquest Word of God Church, an interdenominational church located in Washington, DC. At his church, he directed several ministries, including the children and youth ministry and the drama ministry. He established Conquest Reintegration Ministries in 1995 to assist men and women returning home from prison with resources needed to successfully reintegrate into society. In 1998, in response to many inquiries for his expertise about post-prison ministries, Pastor Jones compiled and wrote Equipping Your Church to Minister to Ex-Offenders, a guide for churches to assist them with establishing their own ministries to the formerly incarcerated. He followed up with two more books about post-prison ministry. Help! My Loved One is in Prison, co-written with friend and social worker Laverne Brewster, gives helpful advice to individuals and families with loved ones who are newly released from prison or about to be released. I Need a J-O-B! gives timely advice to formerly incarcerated persons who are attempting to re-enter the workforce. This publication was used as the training manual for job readiness courses taught in conjunction with Conquest Reintegration Ministries.

On October 5, 2003, shortly after writing I Need a J-O-B!, Jones was ordained into the ministry by the late Bishop Paul Gaskins. He then took a four-year break from writing, during which he focused on leading and building the youth and ex-offender ministries in his church. Those experiences led him to write Prodigal in the City, his first novel. The novel is about a young man who returns home from prison, only to encounter several obstacles that could send him back to prison. The novel has won rave reviews for its authenticity and suspenseful plot. Pastor Jones’s background also includes working as a network engineer at the United States Postal Service in Merrifield, VA. He has also worked in the membership department of a major builder’s association in Rosslyn, Virginia; as a controller at a successful magazine publishing company in Silver Spring, Maryland; and as a student services assistant at a technology school in Springfield, Virginia.  Pastor Jones followed up his first novel with other Christian fiction novels that explore various aspects of the urban landscape from the Christian perspective. He currently resides in Bladensburg, Maryland.
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