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A Single father loses the respect and companionship of his only daughter
A father feels deep regret after his only daughter moves out following an argument. But he refuses to seek her out, even though, unbeknownst to him, his daughter is in more danger than he thought.

Interwoven throughout this faith-based short story are themes of forgiveness, parenthood, and the virtues of being obedient to God despite the odds.
This is not your typical Christian fiction romance novel
For an inspiring Christian fiction read, check out this edgy yet insightful romance novel.

Summer Maldonado is a gorgeous woman who has lived an enviable upper-middle class life as a drive-time jazz radio deejay and an executive at an upstart Richmond video production firm. Her boyfriend, Xavier, is the public relations manager at the local gas utility, one of Summer's contracts. He is handsome, well-paid, charismatic and debonair. Summer thinks she has found the perfect man, until he suddenly breaks up with her and starts dating her sexy and immoral co-worker. Then, her world turns upside down . . . .
For this couple, the American dream just turned into a nightmare . . . .
Imagine that you are returning from a long trip. After the weariness of your journey, you look forward to relaxing and spending time with your family in your dream house.

Suddenly, while still on the road, you get a harrowing call from a neighbor. Your house has been broken into. And the intruders are still in the house. What would you do? Would you call the police?

In the case of Jesse and Jennifer Kane, the police can do nothing. The squatters seem to have the law on their side, and they have no intention of leaving the house. And they would do anything to stay.
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